The four reasons for choosing BAX:


Dimensional freedom:

Every BAX kitchen is unique, a one-off. They can all be planned freely, not to dimensions.



So we do not have to concern ourselves with minimum quantities, but can develop individual solutions for every single kitchen.



To BAX, quality is a matter of course. It is evident in many of the details.



Hand crafted:

We make our kitchens by hand. Whether doors or carcases, we make every single item ourselves.

Classics never go
out of fashion.

That is a key feature of our design.

Sometimes you demonstrate
everything you're capable
of in a single item.

That applies to every one
of our kitchens.

Art is the result
of enthusiasm.

That's something we
experience every day.

Truly fabulous products
never grow old.

They acquire character.

Where can you still find
genuine one-offs today?

BAX has nothing but.

Special things, unique things,
aren't everywhere.

Only special providers have them.