Hand crafted

We make our kitchens by hand. And we do so with an impressive depth of production. Whether doors or carcases, we make every single item ourselves. This means we can be sure that everything meets our quality standards. We specialise in discerning woodwork. We refine and process wooden finishes by oiling, sanding, wiping, patinating and lacquering them (including brushed lacquer). We make sure that the grain on our veneered fronts is continuous. Skilled craftsmanship - not commonplace, but a matter of course to us.

  • Skill and artisanship for over 100 years
  • All our carpenters are highly qualified
  • Excellent depth of production on fronts, carcases and worktops
  • Years of tradition in hand-processing and finishing woods and surfaces
  • We also manufacture other items of furniture such as tables, benches and shelves with passion and experience